Date:  26 Sep 2023

Oran, 31, DZ

Company:  AIA

Management Trainee

  • Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures
  • Work on new FP&A processes, Budget & Internal control procedures and monitor their adherence so that work is carried out in a controlled manner
  • Total Delivery Cost Monitoring & Reporting
  • Prepare TDC report analyse & manage all month end control process, Develop and Implement Controls report;
  • Prepare KPIs related to the TDC including # of days analysis, conversion cost KPIs.
  • Active Implication in all lean Manufacturing actions
  • Check the Accounts mapping and understand all costs booked
  • Enhance new controls in monthly closing;
  • Support Other activities: Supply Chain, Demand Planning, R&D, etc.
  • Work on Production volumes and P&L scenarios to support in developing the related TDC part in terms of DMC, conversion cost
  • Warehouses cost and Freight out cost related to different scenarios fixing MTD target
  • Services Relationship

    Build services relationship with all stakeholders
  • Inventory Aging Analysis

    Prepare Inventory aging analysis across all types for Oils, packaging, chemicals, spare parts to help figure out the obsolete and slow moving inventory at risk.
  • New CAPEX & Projects

  • Work on Feasibility studies, understand the projects and ensure that the actual realization will be on line with approved feasibility and highlight any discrepancies
  • Work with the PS team to verify the saving area and values related to capacity increase & cost saving projects
  • Controlling Materials prices

    Monitoring the all materials buying through controlling them compared to their budgeted prices in BP & Forecast.

    Preparing the materials price variance reports on spot basis so areas have issues monitored.

  • Accuracy reporting

    Prepare the accuracy reports for materials losses Actual losses compared to their targeted levels for oils, packaging & chemicals so corrective actions considered.

  • EPM System Budget & Planning

  • Participate in EPM project with PS inputs and ensure the DATA accuracy and alignment with all stakeholders in Plan & Rolling forecasts exercices in terms of BOM, conversion cost, warehouses costs & freight out costs.
  • Budget preparation (fix the Objectives, work on detailed KPI’s used in PS budget)
  • Reporting

  • Participate to the BE P&L construction & Closing and comment the industrial part with Costs analysis (Direct & Indirect related to the production)
  • Update the monthly dashboard of expenses and share it with the concerned persons 
  • Work of P&L SKU with industrial allocated charges to each product
  • Health, Safety & Environment

    Monitor the adherence to all relevant safety and environmental management procedures and controls to guarantee employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high quality products/service and a responsible environmental attitude
  • Related Assignments

    Perform other related duties or assignments as directed
  • Responsibility in terms of Ethics & Internal control &

    Respect of Afia internal regulations.

  • Act with integrity and respect the dignity of others
  •  Use company property and supplies for business purposes only.
  • Secure documents and electronic media containing confidential information.
  • Protect company information in all forms;
  • Communicate only information that is necessary.