Date:  2 Jun 2023

Oran, 31, DZ

Company:  AIA

Treasury Accountant

- Ensure compliance with external deadline payments
- Prepare requests for the withdrawal of documents Documentary remittance and manage their timely payment
- Prepare direct debit requests for imports and exports
- Manage foreign mission expenses
- Accounting for import and export invoice payments

- Respecting the deadlines of banks and foreign suppliers
- To follow up rigorously the deadlines and to foresee their payments in time and this by keeping the cash flow situation up to date

- Verify purchase requisitions and prepare the necessary applications for direct debit of invoices.
- Follow up with the bank on the receipt of import documents and ensure their withdrawal.

- Follow-up on payments from foreign suppliers by submitting transfer orders 10 days before the payment date  
- Opening of LCs and follow-up with the bank for Swift reception

- Provide for the payment of the banks' installments
- Resolve problems that may arise between regional accountants and banks for the payment operation
- Follow-up on payments not yet cashed

- Respect of payment deadlines to foreign & local suppliers, banks
- Date of receipt of import documents
- All payments must be accounted for at the end of the month
- Status of payments not yet cashed on the bank reconciliation.